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Here are my some of my longest-running cooking recipes, articles about how to cook and other tidbits.

Learn to cook using basic cooking techniques and innovative methods you won’t find anywhere else.

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Buy The Low Carb and Paleo Breakfast Book

The Low-Carb & Paleo Breakfast Book is all about starting the day right with satiating meals made from scratch for whole-foods, low-starch, low-sugar living in a Neolithic world.

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Buy Cooking With Vesna the ebook cookbook

Cooking With Vesna, the first cookbook in the How to Cook With Vesna series, is here to incite excitement about (mostly) whole foods cooking from scratch, with an exciting selection of diverse cooking styles from a lifelong journey in food.

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How to cook steak

Learn how to cook steak. Never ruin an expensive cut of meat again. Unique method to achieve tender, perfectly done, medium-rare steaks with edge-to-edge pink and a beautifully browned exterior.

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Jamaican avocado ice cream

Learn how to make avocado ice cream, or avocado frozen custard, a traditional dessert from Jamaica. You’ll love the velvety mouthfeel and pretty green color. Who’d’ve thought avocados would taste so good in a sweet treat?

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Chocolate syrup recipe

Learn how to make chocolate syrup. It’s so easy and inexpensive to make it out of the very best ingredients. Add just a teaspoon or less to a cup of milk for wholesome, homemade, low-sugar chocolate milk your kids will love.

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Beef and Barley Soup Recipe

This hearty, filling beef and barley soup recipe is just the thing to warm you on a winter day or night.

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New feature: How To Cook With Vesna blog!

Visit the new How To Cook With Vesna blog, a conversational companion to the cooking instruction website that’s about more than recipes. Rants, raves, fantastic tales, exclusive tips, reader comments and more about cooking real food from scratch.

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Food Book Reviews

Find exciting, thought-provoking books on food, cooking and nutrition around the world and through history. Food book reviews, cookbook reviews and nutrition book reviews. Don’t just learn how to cook — learn what to eat, and why.

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Culinary Tour of Turkey

Award-winning Madison culinary travel guidebook author Joan Peterson has announced plans for another of her spectacular culinary tours of Turkey. The tour will be held August 17-25, 2011.

Explore the food and culture of this many-faceted land. Partake of the modern expression of ancient culinary traditions. Joan has led this trip many times before, and she knows where to look for the unexpected, the wondrous, the authentically delicious. Remember, that means that the group’s hosts also know Joan — and they roll out the red carpet for this returning, appreciative fan and her group!

Folks who have gone before say it the experience goes far beyond just finding some incredibly delicious things to eat, or pretty things to look at. It’s a cultural journey.

In addition to food and wine activities, the tour will include an optional balloon ride over the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, an exploration of the ruins of ancient civilizations along the Aegean, and visits to some of Turkey’s historic landmarks.

To view the complete itinerary, visit

For information and reservations contact Joan Peterson, Ginkgo Press, (608) 233-5488,

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About Me

About Vesna. Why I like to use whole foods and heirloom recipes, and like to say that the best food is made from scratch with great ingredients in a happy kitchen!

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Food, cooking and nutrition links

Find the best food, cooking and nutrition links on the Web. Here’s a collection of resources like no other, ranging among links to culinary history, low-carb recipes and science, paleo nutrition, organics and whole food, heirloom cookery, recipe collections and more.

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Ingredients and Nutrition

Learn how to choose the best ingredients. What are the guidelines for good nutrition? Forget about the made-up USDA Food Pyramid; it’s all about keeping it real.

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How to eat sustainably

Learn how to start eating sustainably. Bring your food closer to home — you know it’s the right thing to do. Get to know where your food comes from. It’s not as hard as you might think, and the rewards are definitely worth it.

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Best cutting boards for home cooking

What’s best thing for your kitchen next to a great knife? A great cutting board. Choose the right size, shape and material for your cutting board, pair it with an excellent knife, and cooking becomes a sensual pleasure.

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Best knives for home cooking

What’s the fastest way to make cooking easier? Buy good knives, and keep them sharp. Get good knives for your kitchen and make food prep a pleasure.

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    Regards Costo-pork belly recipe – Found pork belly at Costco – tried bacon plan like you thought we would – ok/blah – found your recipe – results – 1st time cut too small – charcoal – ate anyway – manly – 2d time used air frier – bigger pieces – why rest – better, air frier fast – tasted like bacon flavored sheet rock – ate anyway – manly – 3d time – bigger pieces – 380 – rested 10 minutes, impatient – spice & flour using sieve “tapping gently” – bought tongs $3.00 tongs as air frier sides burn & pieces burn fingers – manly – cooked 8 minutes flipped – 8 minutes – really pretty good – dog found out what I was doing – he loves them – 4th time – 3 strips – 1 Sam 2 me – cut, spiced & floured – let rest 20 minutes – too hungry – 8 minutes @ 380, flip with tongs preferable – flour sparingly – 8 minutes @ 380, hide from Sam – let cool – give him his and eat mine in closet. Repeat.

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