How to Make Coffee

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Plenty of sites will tell you how to make coffee using a Mr. Coffee or Melita or other drip system, be it mechanized or no. But there are other ways to make your daily cup.

For instance, I prefer percolated coffee, a method that reaches deep into the bean to reveal a heartier flavor than can be achieved with a drip method. And I like to blend in a little bit of chicory, which mellows the flavor and darkens the hue.

I will also explore specialty methods of making coffee, like Turkish coffee (also known as Greek coffee or Serbian coffee), old-fashioned boiled coffee using eggshells, the best coffee for camping, and vacuum chamber coffee, a truly dramatic way to make coffee. There’s also espresso, best done with a stovetop pot when made at home, I believe.

As well as how to make coffee, I’ll explore the best beans, the best roasts, and the best way to shop for coffee. Not to mention the best grinders for your coffee beans.

We’ll talk about where coffee is grown and who grows it, and learn why it’s so important to choose fairly traded coffee and organic coffee whenever possible.

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