Is Bang Energy Good for Weight Loss?

With the summer season around the corner, people are all getting warmed up by going to the gym and eating healthy to get that perfect, beach-ready body.

To stay active and energized throughout the day, many Americans have introduced Bang energy drinks into their daily routine.

Bang energy is a revolutionary drink containing a blend of caffeine and amino acids that acts as fuel for you throughout the day.

It has about 40 different flavors, which will energize you, and fuel you up, so you may gear up for your day-to-day activities.

Do bang energy drinks make you lose/gain weight?

Bang energy drink is a blend of essential amino acids and 300mg of caffeine, with zero carbs, zero calories, and zero sugars.

To answer, can they make you lose weight?

No! Energy drinks can’t alone help you to lose weight without you adding a healthy diet and exercise to your daily routine.

Can bang energy help in losing weight?

Yes! Bang energy can help you lose weight, as it provides you with instant energy due to the presence of amino acids and caffeine.

As they have no sugar and carb content, they won’t be significantly added to your daily calorie count.

However, Bang energy does contain artificial sweeteners as one of its ingredients.

Splenda and Ace-k are the artificial sweeteners used.

While they might be better than all those extra sugars you get from other energy drinks, artificial sweeteners might contribute to weight gain.

Artificial sweeteners are known to stimulate sugar cravings, upon which you may act later, causing you to gain weight.

Do bang energy drinks speed up your metabolism?

Yes! Bang energy does speed up your metabolism.

It’s not the drink that does it, but the caffeine, which is present inside the drink.

Caffeine is known to boost metabolism by increasing the body’s ability to burn calories by increasing heat production.

However, the increase in heat production is so low that it does not amount to help you with weight loss.

Are Bang drinks good for you?

Bang energy drinks have a caffeine content of 300mg, way close to the recommended amount of 400mg.

Although 400mg per day is considered safe for healthy people, chugging a can of Bang will provide you with almost the recommended amount in just a few moments.

People who are not accustomed to such a high intake of caffeine, and are sensitive to it, may experience some adverse effects, like:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches, and more.

In contrast, Bang energy drinks have amino acids, creatinine, and coenzyme-10, which offer benefits to those having deficiencies in their diet.

Having a lot of warnings such as “not for individuals under 18, pregnant women, and those having a medical condition” put the drink in a grey area.

Hence, the drink can only be consumed by healthy individuals with no diseases or conditions.

Though no side effects of the drink or its ingredients are proven, so you may say they are safe to use.

Bang Energy Nutritional Values and Super Creatinine.

If you need a drink pre-workout, Bang Energy is your way to go!

In addition to the high amount of caffeine, which will provide you with a burst of energy, it also contains sodium, niacin, Vitamin-B, calcium, and the company’s propriety ingredient, super creatinine.

Super creatinine is a normal creatinine molecule bonded to some amino acids so that it may be better absorbed into the body.

Super creatinine is known to increase one’s muscle mass, improve exercise performance, and boost physical strength by up to 10-15 %.

Bang energy’s creator has promoted their creation as the world’s only water-stable creatinine.

Super creatinine is claimed to improve one’s mental concentration as it can be absorbed by the brain more easily than normal creatinine.

Though, a point to be noted is that FDA doesn’t approve these statements made by Bang Energy about Super Creatinine.

So one cannot blindly trust these claims.


Q) Is it safe to drink Bang energy every day?

When it comes to energy drinks with high sugar or caffeine content, it’s best to use them in moderation and not overdose upon them.

With the high caffeine content that is in Bang, a can a day is more than enough.

Q) how long does it take for Bang to kick in?

A typical can of Bang will begin to work its effects 15 to 35 minutes after consumption.

It’ll last in your body for 1 to 4 hours, depending on how fast your body metabolizes caffeine.

Q) Does Bang energy drink work?

As an energy drink, yes!

As a weight loss drink, no!

Bang energy drink will provide you with a boost of energy, helping you in improving your exercise performance.

Q) Do Bang energy drinks need to be refrigerated?

If unopened, Bang cans can be stored at room temperature.

After they are opened, they need to be refrigerated and tightly closed.

Energy drinks that have been refrigerated will be at their best quality for 2 to 4 days after being opened.

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