List Of Wholesale Butter Suppliers & Vendors

We all use butter in our dishes or breakfast, as it holds great nutritional value.

Butter is a water-in-oil emulsion formed by inverting cream and refrigeration, but then softens to a contagious consistency at room temperature and melts to a thin liquid consistency at room temperature. 

They are considered a dairy essential for all households, therefore many suppliers make sell the best quality butter! A list of the best butter is listed below!

List Of Wholesale Butter Suppliers & Vendors:

  • Freshways
  • WikiFarmer
  • Eapp
  • Dairy Foods
  • Ukrmpostach
  • Allan Reeder Limited,
  • Food Bomb
  • West Horsley Dairy
  • Medina Dairy Ltd
  • Johal Dairies

1. Fresh ways

Freshways provides a diverse selection of high-quality butter & spread products to their long list of satisfied clients.

As the UK’s biggest independent supplier of dairy goods to independent retailers, they have a great reputation for quality in the bulk unsalted butter industry.

If you are an independent business looking for a butter supplier who offers a high-quality selection at a reasonable price, they are the wholesale butter provider for you.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0203 696 7960

Email:  [email protected]


Address: 16 Eastman Road, Acton, London W3 7YG

2. WikiFarmer

Freshways as per the United Nations is known as Wikifarmer and has been designated as the Wikipedia of farming.

Wikifarmer has become a site where people may research everything associated with agriculture and shop by-products.

Their objective is to eliminate the needless commissions paid in the food value chain and have more transparency, responsibility, security, and dependability in every transaction. Currently, their website has crossed 9 million users.

Contact Info:

Phone: +30 690 736 9845

Email: [email protected]


3. Eapp

Food is essential and At EAPP, their job is to provide the best-souced food to other buyers such as butter, margarine, and bread.

They optimize the worth of the food supply chain for society and individuals by generating higher, safe goods and working as trustworthy and perfect equality to producers, buyers, and consumers.

Contact Info:

Phone: +6082432317

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1063 Assar Senari Industrial Complex, Jalan Bako,

93050 Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

4. Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods provides the dairy knowledge and updates needed to run a successful dairy enterprise.

They also sell a variety of dairy products such as butter, milk, and beard.

They research and publish novel dairy foods and drinks, innovations, dairy industry developments, and concerns.

The editorial staff and opinion writers at Dairy Foods have over two hundred years of dairy experience in the industry!

Contact Info:

Phone: 248-362-3700


Address: 2401 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 700, Troy, MI 48084-3333.

5. Ukrmpostach

Ukrmpostach is a Ukrainian company with offices in both Ukraine and Singapore. Their operations started in 2015 with the export of sunflower oil.

As of today, they have greatly extended the variety of products such as butter, and milk and supply it to 20 countries throughout the world.

The items they supply and export are obtained in big quantities straight from the top Ukrainian producers!

Contact Info:

Phone: +380683017384  

Email: [email protected]


Address: 100 Jalan Sultan, № 02-37a Sultan plaza, Singapore 199001 

6. Allan Reeder Limited,

Allan Reeder Limited is created by a young man named Allan Reeder, who started as a lone trader delivering milk and butter to bakeries.

Ultimately, he began his supply business and his consumer base kept growing, and now their product line has expanded too.

Every day, they serve several businesses from their distribution center near Heathrow Airport. Their products include butter, milk, and juices!

Contact Info:

Phone: 020 8742 9222

Email: [email protected]


Address: 673 Spur Road, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0SL.

7. Food Bomb

For almost eight years, Paul, Food Bomb’s founder, managed his online home meal delivery service.

He’d frequently handle queries from cafés and restaurants wishing to purchase wholesale, which made him realize there was a vacuum in the B2B market that needed to be filled.

Therefore, Foodbomb, a robust platform for improving the wholesale ordering process, was born in 2016. Their family has grown and is also quite popular!

Contact Info:

Phone: 1300 309 055

Email: [email protected]


Address: Suite 1101, 418A Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia 2010.

8. West Horsley Dairy

West Horsley Dairy was founded in 1992 by Philip and Catherine Colton from their house at Roundtree Cottages in the Surrey community of West Horsley.

Coming from farming backgrounds, their goal back then, as it is now, was to provide a greater quality of service and product than their rivals.

Currently, their dairy products are excellent and well-known in the United Kingdom! You can try them out too from the link below!

Contact Info:

Phone: 01483 725000

Email: [email protected]


Address: Unit 1, Octimum Business Park, Forsyth Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5SF, GB.

9. Medina Dairy Ltd

Sardar Hussain and his family founded the company in 1980, and Medina Dairy Ltd was formed in 1992 to focus on the provision of milk and bread from warehouses around London and Birmingham.

They began a Food Service operation in 2003, delivering a variety of chilled and ambient food items to national accounts as well as the catering and hospitality sectors. 

The company now supplies bulks of dairy with terminals in London, the Midlands, the North, the South, and Wales.

Contact Info:

Phone: 01753 847280

Email: [email protected]


Address: Medina House, Shirley Avenue, Windsor, SL4 5LH

10. Johal Dairies

Johal Dairies began as a small wholesaler in 1972 and have since evolved to become one of the leading independent and family-run dairy suppliers in the Midlands and beyond.

Their team constantly strives to offer the freshest and finest quality milk and dairy products at reasonable costs. 

Their approach involves no third parties, making their products more authentic and delivery fast.

Contact Info:

Phone: +44 1902 871428

Email: [email protected]


Address:  Cannock Rd, Wolverhampton WV1 1PN, United Kingdom.

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