Where does your food come from?

A memorable quote from the Feb. 7, 2011 episode of Angelo Coppola’s Latest in Paleo podcast:

We live in a world where the average person is getting his food from restaurants and packages.

Well said, Angelo! Latest in Paleo is a blog and podcast that positions itself  “at the intersection of scientific evidence and evolutionary clues left to us by our ancestors” in its approach to nutrition and fitness. Before-and-after pictures of Angelo provide convincing testimony to his personal, modified Paleo approach.

His quote, above, pretty well sums up why I do everything I can to encourage people to cook. To encourage people to learn how to cook.

Are you getting most of your food from restaurants and packages? Ask yourself:

  • Do you unwrap your breakfast, or do you cook it?
  • Do you poke holes in a plastic film that covers your lunch before you stick it into a heatless heating chamber?
  • Do strangers assemble your dinner?

Do you want to eat better? Feel better? Do better — by yourself, your family, your society, the planet?

Eat the best: learn to cook.

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