Keto Snack Review: I Tried Aldi Millville Carb Conscious Breaktime Bars

Crispy. Light. Sweet. Clean-tasting. Good looking. Won’t fall apart. Inexpensive. These qualities are not easy to find in the world of low-carb and keto foods. Certainly not all in the same item. Aldi has managed to pull it off. I am impressed. I tried Aldi’s Millville food low carb bars. store brand’s Carb Conscious Elevation … Read more

Koljivo, Or Zito (Zhito) Recipe!

Koljivo, or Zito (pronounced ZHEE-toe, meaning “wheat”), is one of the most important dishes a Serbian can make. Loaded with the symbolism of life, death, harvest and renewal, it’s presented at only a few special occasions: Slava, Bozic (BOH-zheech, or Christmas), and at funerals and memorials for the dead. More about koljivo on my blog here But … Read more