How to Cook It

Homemade Lemonade

Homemade Lemonade Homemade lemonade is a wonderful treat. After I sampled this incredibly easy and natural soft drink, I was able to taste just how yucky the commercial stuff is. Lemonade in a can? Tinny. Lemonade from frozen concentrate? Oversweet and bland. Lemonade from a carton? The same, with the added tang of preservative. Unless …

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How to Bake Bread

Learn how to bake bread the old fashioned way and discover the joy of kneading. Find recipes for all-whole-wheat bread, and heirloom Old World recipes, too. When you learn to bake, you can say goodbye to calcium propionate, sodium alginate and all those other conditioners and preservatives you’ll find in a factory loaf. You can …

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