Serbian Recipes

Serbian food is influenced by the unique spot on the globe where Serbian culture developed. It’s a liminal place where East crosses to West, where Northern Europe phases into Southern Europe. The seasonings are simple, yet the flavors are endlessly varied. I was born in the USA, but my parents, both full-blooded Serbs, came from … Read more

Serbian Tender, Yeasted Flatbread — Farmer’s Pogača Recipe

Pogača: pronounce it POH-gah-cha. In the Cyrillic alphabet: Πогача. A simple, staple Serbian bread. Pogaca is a yeasted flatbread that’s quick and easy to put together, and simply delicious. It’s fuller, higher and more tender than pita; more like a bakery loaf, but round and short. It’s great with butter, even though that’s not a … Read more

Easy Serbian Djuvec Pork Casserole, Also Known As Đuveč Rice Casserole Or Serbian Ratatouille

Djuvec (pronounced JOO-vech, with a hard “j” as in “jingle”) is a hearty Serbian casserole of veggies, meat, and rice that comes together easily with just a few simple ingredients, and will impress your friends as it nourishes them. Serve it for folks coming over, or take it along to a potluck and get ready … Read more

Vanilice Serbian Christmas Crescent Cookies Recipe

These vanilice are classic Serbian nut crescent cookies, perfect during the Christmas season or any winter holidays. They’re rich with the heavenly fragrance of vanilla. I’ve made them with the traditional walnuts, and more recently with almonds. They’re excellent made with either nut. I suspect they’d also be great with pecans, so I included that … Read more