Can Orange Juice Make You Fat Or Cause Gain Weight?

Orange juice makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, thanks to the citrus taste and the nutritious value it holds.

This juice is like a magical potion as it cures the flu, helps with weight loss, and also has a great taste!

Orange juice can provide several benefits, such as a stronger immunity to fight against any sickness and it may also provide a reduced risk for diseases such as kidney stones, heart problems, and digestive problems.

Orange juice provides the exact whiff of energy you need when you wake up in the morning and are in a rush to get to school or work.

Can orange juice make you lose weight?

Orange itself is naturally sweet, therefore, it automatically gives you an alternative to all those sweet cravings, leaving no need for added sugar in your diet.

Orange juice is also anti-inflammatory, which helps in shedding the excess weight.

Along with this, orange juice is also an antioxidant which is perfect for those with a calorie deficit, especially as it’s fibrous, which will make your stomach feel more full so you don’t binge eat!

This low calorie juice is also known to be cholesterol free and sodium free to avoid diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Orange juice keeps you hydrated, which keeps the digestive system balanced in order to ensure that, along with the weight loss journey you are experiencing, you do not lack any vital nutrients and your diet is balanced.

Orange juice is packed with vitamin C, which regulates a process in your body that allows the excess fat in your body to burn.

Vitamin C is also helpful in repairing body tissues and allows your immune system to function effectively, ensuring that the body is healthier; this can automatically aid the weight loss process more efficiently.

Orange and ginger are the perfect duo to detoxify your body, which will lead to a sharp fall in a few pounds instantly, which is always a good start.

Can orange juice disrupt a calorie-deficit diet?

It should be noted that the energizing drink may lead to type 2 diabetes if consumed excessively because of the massive amount of sugar content, which can lead to obesity and other diseases.

This fibrous drink is also high in calories, so it might just make up for all those calories and scrumptious snacks you’re stopping yourself from – which will not benefit your calorie deficit diet.

Orange juice also contains potassium, which is great for producing protein, which means orange juice may do the complete opposite of helping you lose weight if consumed in large servings.

What juices make you lose weight?

Pomegranate juice is another refreshing drink that contains polyphenols that break down the fat in your body. It contains only 83 calories, which is perfect as an alternative to an unhealthy snack.

Beet juice can also be perfect for weight loss; its high in magnesium content reduces bloating.

Watermelon juice also seems to be perfect for weight loss, as it cleanses out all the toxins in your body. With the amino acids in watermelon, the fat is burned whilst keeping your body hydrated.

The detoxifying kale-apple juice is also ideal for weight loss as it boosts your metabolism with the vitamins and minerals it contains which can easily burn calories too. Also, since apples are quite nutritious, they help in keeping your diet healthier, which can lead to weight loss.

What juices can make you gain weight?

Alternatively, an avocado is full of healthy fats and it contains around 322 calories, which are perfect for those who are struggling to gain weight.

So an avocado juice will be ideal for those who are constantly on the go or for breakfast!

Mango shakes are also known to be perfect for weight gain as they have around 150 calories, giving the right amount of energy and fulfilling feeling after a workout.

This juice is rich in vitamin A and C, which helps balance your diet.

A banana shake may also help during a weight gain journey as they are high in calories and can contribute to an increase in muscle mass, especially if mixed with milk and consumed post workout.

Protein shakes can also contribute to gaining weight.

You can also consider adding protein powders that can contribute to the process of weight gain by building muscle.

This can be beneficial, as the weight you will gain will be healthy fat.

However, this should be treated as the last resort, as it is not the natural way to gain weight.

Last words:

To sum up, orange juice may have a lot of alternatives when it comes to weight loss, however, it can be the perfect source to keep not only your diet healthy but also contribute to weight loss since it has only 47 calories with the perfect balance of fibres, vitamins, proteins, carbs and fats.

So, grab a glass of your favorite orange juice and sip away on this healthy beverage!

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