Can Multivitamins Make You Fat & Cause Weight Gain?

Multivitamins are good for most people. Typically, these products are intended to address vitamin and mineral shortages and make up for nutrient shortfalls caused by an inadequate diet. But can they potentially result in weight gain? Let’s find out! Do Multivitamins cause weight gain? Multivitamins do not affect your weight instantly because they are calorie-free. … Read more

Can Biscuits Make You Fat & Cause Weight Gain?

Biscuits are a very popular snack that resembles fast bread and is typically referred to as a bakery product. This baked product is composed of sugar, fat and flour.  There are plenty of freshly made biscuits, dry biscuits, and biscuit dough available in the market. Nowadays, biscuits include digestive, creamy sandwich, glucose, chocolate-coated, cookies and … Read more

Can Raisins Make You Fat Or Cause Weight Gain?

Raisins are dried grapes. This drying process concentrates the grapes’ sugars and nutrients, making raisins both calorie-dense and nutrient. They originated in the Middle East before making their way to Europe, where the Greeks and Romans were particularly fond of them. In the past, raisins were used as currency, as a remedy for food poisoning. … Read more

Can Wheat Bread Make You Fat Or Cause Weight Gain?

Have you ever thought about why bread is off-limits for the majority of dieters? Because it is high in carbohydrates and has low nutritional benefits. However, not all types of bread are equal.  Some kinds of bread are highly nutritious and can facilitate weight loss. For example, wheat bread delivers consistent energy and immediately satisfies … Read more

Can Mass Gainers Make You Fat?

Mass gainers are quite important to almost everyone. They are the only products on the market that are intended exclusively for those who are underweight and seeking to put on some weight.  That was a major deal for a small guy, who was sick of going down in a sea of fat-loss products he didn’t … Read more