Serbian Recipes

Serbian food is influenced by the unique spot on the globe where Serbian culture developed. It’s a liminal place where East crosses to West, where Northern Europe phases into Southern Europe. The seasonings are simple, yet the flavors are endlessly varied.

I was born in the USA, but my parents, both full-blooded Serbs, came from what was Yugoslavia during their lifetimes. The recipes here are the cooking I grew up with. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Serbian recipes

Ajvar: Serbian eggplant caviar recipe

Farmer’s Pogača – tender, yeasted flatbread

Kupus: Serbian cabbage soup recipe

Homemade tomato soup recipe – Serbian corba od patlidzan

Vanilice: Serbian nut crescent cookies

Serbian holiday foods and menus

Serbian Christmas customs Božić, or Божић)

Serbian Christmas Eve menu (Srpski Badnje vece, Badnje veče, or Бадње вече)

Serbian Christmas Bread (Srpski Bozicni Kolac (božićni kolač or божићни колач), a lavishly decorated, rich brioche)

Serbian Slava Bread (Srpski Slavski Kolac (славски колач), the same as the Christmas bread, but undecorated)

Koljivo, or Zito (Zhito) recipe (кољиво, or žito, жито)

Serbian chesnitsa (Srpski cesnica, česnica or чесница)

Serbian prebranac (Srpski preBRANats), vegetarian baked beans

Serbian salata od pasulje, or kidney bean and onion salad

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