What Kind Of Cream Does McDonald’s Use? (+FAQs)

Thick chocolate shake sprinkled with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, or a creamy strawberry shake with a layer of whipping cream. Which is your favorite?

McDonald’s shakes have been one of the absolute favorites of many people.

Whether you drank it on your way home from a tiring day or bought it with your Happy Meal, McDonald’s shake has always been the mood lifter.

Do you ever wonder what kind of cream McDonald’s uses in its shakes?

Or maybe, is the cream used half and half or full?

Well, we’ve got the answer to your questions.

Keep reading this article to find out more about McDonald’s and its cream.

What kind of creams does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s uses half and half cream and light cream.

Although, light cream is the most frequently used cream as it provides a thicker consistency with lower fat content.

Light cream is also the most requested choice made by customers.

They do not use heavy cream as it is high in fat content and leaves a disgusting layer of curdled fat at the top.

What is McDonald’s light cream?

Light cream is made up of cream and whole milk.

It contains milk fat between 18% to 30%.

McDonald’s mostly uses light cream in their coffees and lattes.

However, light creams cannot be used as whipping creams as they do not have enough fat, and they curdle very easily.

What kind of creamers are available at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has a range of different flavors of creamers available at its stores.

Vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and plain chocolate are some of the few flavors available.

There is also a sugar-free version of vanilla creamer available at some of its outlets.

However, according to some customer reviews, McDonald’s is known not to use any flavored creamers. Instead, it uses creamer and flavor separately.

Are McDonald’s shakes dairy-free?

McDonald’s shakes contain milk, no matter whichever flavor you order.

Then why do they not call them “milkshakes” instead of just “shakes”?

As mentioned on their website, dairy regulations vary from place to place.

For instance, in Massachusetts, there is no legally approved definition of a true milkshake.

Anything that contains milk with added syrup can be called a milkshake.

However, in Connecticut, milkshakes should contain 3.25% to 6% milkfat, whereas non-fat milk solids have to contain at least 10% milkfat.

This range of variations could lead to confusion for the giant chain.

Hence, to simplify things for their customers, they have omitted the word milk from milkshakes.

What was the hot coffee fiasco at McDonald’s?

An old lady, Stella Liebeck, was trying to open the lid of her coffee, which was resting in between her laps.

When she opened the lid, the coffee spilled on her thighs and genital areas, causing her to get third-degree burns.

She had to be admitted to the hospital for eight days and had to undergo extensive treatments such as skin grafts.

As the coffee was hotter (190 Fahrenheit) than the suggested temperature, she asked McDonald’s for compensation.

McDonald’s refused to give her compensation, after which she rightfully sued them.

She charged McDonald’s $2.9 million to teach them a lesson.

However, as 20% of the fault was hers, she got compensation for an undisclosed amount under $60,000.

It was one of those rare cases where a middle-class woman was able to beat a team of corporate lawyers and make the world a better place to live.

Do McDonald’s shakes contain pig fat?

Well, this is just one of those baseless rumors about the big franchise.

Of all the animal products, McDonald’s shakes only contain dairy and no pig or chicken fat.

So, while drinking those cups of shakes, you only have to worry about the large amounts of sugar you will be gulping down and nothing else.

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