New Jersey is one of the best candy brands in the world, and it’s significant in being the hub of candy and chocolate regions in the world. The place caters to famous manufacturers and suppliers of candy in the United States.

 Smarties is one of the numerous renowned candy brands that originated in New Jersey. M&M’s, the most recognized candy company to call the Garden State home, began its beginnings in Newark precisely 80 years ago, in a facility at 285 Badger Avenue.

List Of Wholesale Candy Vendors & Suppliers In New Jersey:

  • USA Candy Wholesale
  • Black River Candy Shoppe
  • Candylicious of Randolph
  • Resnick Distributors
  • Marlow Candy & Nut Co
  • Royal Wholesale Candy
  • Wholesale Vending Products
  • BeeGee Candy, Co.
  • Criterion Chocolates
  • Reilys Candy

1. USA Candy Wholesale

USA Candy Wholesale is a booming company that has created the perfect platform for online candy shopping. They sell classic, novelty, and modern confectionery, as well as a huge assortment of imported candies and other items. 

They also provide fantastic and competitive wholesale and retail rates, and our prices are unrivaled. They strive to provide candies where ever their clients are, which includes the internet. As a result, their online website linked below is designed to create a pleasant online shopping experience for customers.

Contact Info:

Email: Info@USACandyWholesale.Com


Address: 104 Harrison St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, United States

2. Black River Candy Shoppe

Black River Candy Shoppe is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various types of candies and chocolate! Whatever you need, they already have in stock, or are willing to deliver on pre-order!

They have over 900 candies to fulfill all of your event Candy Buffet needs: whether it is a Wedding, Shower, Birthday Party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any other type of celebration. These include wrapped and unwrapped Bulk Candies, and Nostalgic Candy, and their team is also willing to accommodate whatever color scheme you may require.

Contact Info:

Phone: (908) 879-1233



Address: 44 Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930.

3. Candylicious of Randolph

Candylicious of Randolph is a candy business in Randolph, New Jersey.

They provide nationwide delivery, which is quick, and always satisfies people! They have an innovative and creative selection of delicious candy and treats in-store and online on their website. Their products are available for everyone including suppliers, retailers, and other candy shops around the globe!

You can visit their website below and see their online gallery to visualize the candy and buy it at amazing wholesale prices to stock up on your business!

Contact Info:

Phone: (973) 252-5300



Address: 1152 Route 10 West, Unit I, Randolph, NJ 07869 United States.

4. Resnick Distributors

Resnick Distributors, now in its third generation, ranks among the top 25 convenience store distributors in the United States. Their team’s consistent growth throughout the years is credited to the commitment and brilliant service to clients. 

They have an amazing list of skilled salespeople, innovative technology, robust infrastructure, and comprehensive product line expertise characterize customer service. The comp; has a list of delicious candies in its store online, and is a must to consider if you are aiming for grocery candy items!

Contact Info:

Phone:  800-828-3865


Address: 25 Van Dyke Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, United States.

5. Marlow Candy & Nut Co

Marlow Candy & Nut Co was formed in 1968, incorporated in 1970, and expanded from a Bronx storefront to its current site in New Jersey. 

Due to Marlow’s success and expansion, the company had to relocate three times before settling in its current location in 1979, where it has already grown twice.

Marlow’s reputation for integrity and quality in the business is what keeps shops and distributors coming back. Many Marlow distributors have been selling the Marlow brand solely for more than 15 years, and some for more than 25 years. This is a testimony to Marlow and its commitment to quality, customer service, and support for all distributors. 

Contact Info:

Phone:  201-569-7606


Address: 65 Honeck Street, Englewood, N.J.

6. Royal Wholesale Candy

Royal Wholesale Candy offers a comprehensive selection of bulk candy, chocolates, nuts, wrapped candy, sugar-free candy, packaged candy, novelties, and seasonal items. Their merchandise is kept in our 25,000-square-foot climate-controlled warehouse in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. 

They provide a variety of shipping options, including the ability to send anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. Royal Wholesale also takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. The company is built on long-term connections and provides polite customer service. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (888) 261-8277



Address: Royal Enterprises 717 Fellowship Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054.

7. Wholesale Vending Products

Wholesale Vending Products is the place to buy your favorite vending products including a range of snacks and candies to stock up your vending machine with amazing goods! People love eating candies on the go, and most vending machines should have them as products.

This company specifically deals with wholesale vending products, therefore, if you are seeking vending candy goods at great prices: then their website is a must-visit!

Contact Info:

Phone: 866-736-4756


Address: 451 E Main St, Denville, NJ 07834, United States.

8. BeeGee Candy, Co.

BeeGee Candy, Co is another hidden gem in New Jersey which is a retail store full of wonderful candies and chocolates that can make your mouth water in an instant! They provide wholesale candy and snacks, which are ideal for candy booths at gatherings.

They do not have an official website yet, but their Facebook page is quite famous and very much active with customers! Or if you live near the location: do visit their shop and check out their candy supplies!

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 856-783-1287


Address: 126 White Horse Pike, Clementon, NJ, United States, New Jersey.

9. Criterion Chocolates

Criterion Chocolates is a New Jersey Shore that was founded in

 1929. The company has been handcrafting chocolates and saltwater taffy using the best ingredients for over 90 years. The handcrafted legacy of quality has been enjoyed by three generations. 

The “Candies of Distinction” criterion, as well as the high standards set by its owners and personnel, have been acknowledged by discriminating purchasers in the shops and gourmet gift boutiques that they service. This long-standing legacy continues today from the Jersey coast, with a commitment to establishing the benchmark for American-made chocolates and sweets.

Contact Info:

Phone: (732) 542-7847 



Address: 125 Lewis Street, Eatontown, New Jersey 07724, United States.

10. Reilys Candy

Reilys Candy is another amazing manufacturer and distributor o candy in New Jersey! Their factory manufactures, processes, and stores wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, and other tree nuts. 

Unfortunately, due to the high expense of shipping, they do not provide complimentary product samples. If you are placing an order and would want to try a sample: there is space in the shipping box for your order, they can send a complimentary sample!

Contact Info:

Phone: (609) 953-0040



Address: 721 Stokes Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055.

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