List Of Wholesale Kosher Candy Suppliers & Vendors

To keep it kosher, candies are made without fat or any other ingredients from animals.

Kosher candies are those that adhere to Jewish dietary laws and are not created with any ingredients forbidden to Jews, such as milk, eggs, or other animal products.

List Of Wholesale Kosher Candy Suppliers:

  • City Nut And Candy, Inc.
  • Casani Candy Co.
  • Sweet City Candy
  • Jack’s Candy
  • Candy Nation, LLC.
  • Melville Candy Company 
  • Long Beach Candy Store

1. City Nut And Candy, Inc.

City Nut and Candy, based in Hollywood, Florida, is a wholesale nut and candy firm that frequently supplies Jewish delis and specialised gourmet stores throughout the greater Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach regions, as well as Italian markets like Doris’ Market and Lorenzo’s Market. 

They are pleased to offer you their artisanal dark, milk, and sugar-free chocolates as well as their fresh dried fruits and simple seeds. Their items are great for a variety of applications, including gourmet baking, nutritious snacking, and party presents, and guarantee fast delivery at low, wholesale costs.

City Nut & Candy’s president, JAY BOLNO, established the business in 1986 to provide for his three children, Zack, Nikki, and Loren, who were all growing at the time.

Contact Info:

Phone: (954) 929-4311‎


Address: 2390 Hayes Street, Hollywood FL 33020

2. Casani Candy Co.

In 1903, when Milton Hershey first created his chocolate bar, he let Casani Candy Co. manage distribution in Philadelphia. Casani was the very first person to buy a Hershey bar. In 1869, when Henry Heide came out with Juicy Fruits, he also relied on Casani.

In 1865, Henry Jonas started the Casani Candy Co. Joseph Casani was employed by Jonas in 1882 to maintain the books. By 1908, the two had joined forces as business partners. When Jonas passed away in 1913, Casani inherited the company. 

John (Jack) Lees has been actively managing the firm and participating in the confectionery industry since its inception. Until recently, he presided over the Philadelphia Candy Show. Both the Hook Award and the Copper Kettle Award have been given to him by his peers.

Contact Info:


Email: [email protected]


Address: 7905 Browning Rd. Suite 208, Pennsauken, N.J. 08109.

3. Sweet City Candy

The Long Island Candy Factory owns Sweet City Candy as a wholly-owned subsidiary. They are a firm that was founded and is still being operated by a family on Long Island, New York. 

Their beloved Long Island serves as both base of operations and the source of creative energy. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality candies to customers around the United States and hope that our enthusiasm and enthusiasm for candy come through in every shipment.

Their company has always placed a premium on providing superior products and services to customers. They consider the success of their business to be dependent on your recommendations and continued patronage.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888-402-6262

Email: [email protected]


4. Jack’s Candy

Jack Levy, in the 1930s, started bringing a candy cart to the Downtown Los Angeles produce markets, inspiring the moniker Jack’s. For thirty years, he ran a confectionery store out of an eight-street building. In 1980, the Ahmed family purchased the home from the purchasers, a different family.

As time went on, Jack’s expanded into a full-fledged wholesale and retail business The candy shop is now managed by the Ahmed brothers, who spent their childhoods chowing down on mountains of sweets before school. They named the candy shop too.

Jack’s Candy, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, is the biggest commercial candy shop in the city, spanning an impressive 42,000 square feet. Over ten thousand things are available at Jack’s, including several types of American and Mexican candies.

Contact Info:

Phone: (213) 622-9287

Email:  [email protected]


Address: 777 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90021.

5. Candy Nation, LLC.

Candy Nation, LLC have a wide variety of sweets for distribution in bulk and at wholesale prices throughout the USA and Canada. They have a wide variety of candies, from chocolates to gumballs, in bulk and individually wrapped forms, spanning decades of history and innovation in sweets.

Based in the picturesque Pennsylvania countryside near historic Valley Forge, Candy Nation, LLC is an East Coast company. Their headquarters are located in the greater Philadelphia region (where bubble gum, candy corn, and root beer were invented).

They know firsthand how irritating poor service can be since they are consumers just like you. They have 25 years of expertise in the sweets business and take great pride in being a small company owned and operated by women.

Contact Info:

Phone: 610-326-4901 

Email:  [email protected] 


Address: 25 South Main Street #65, Yardley, PA 19067.

6. Melville Candy Company 

Randolph, Massachusetts’ Melville Candy Company is home to the third generation of a family dedicated to making delicious candies. They make exquisite hard candy lollipops and chocolate sweets using a family recipe that Grandpa Melville created over seventy-five years ago. 

Established in 1978 by Gary and Joe Melville, we are happy to carry on the Melville family legacy of making delicious, unique sweets for customers. Each item is manufactured, packaged, and inspected in the United States to guarantee superior quality. 

Take a look at our huge choice, which includes seasonal and contemporary collections in addition to items like Gourmet Flavor Lollipops stuffed with all sorts of exotic flavours. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-638-8063 

Email: [email protected].


7. Long Beach Candy Store

Candy Warehouse, the Internet’s premier candy retailer! They are dedicated to sweet perfection dating back to 1998. Most of your requirements are probably covered here. 

They have everything from old-fashioned favourites to cutting-edge creations, minty to sour, miniature to jumbo, liquid to chunky, purple to silver, hard to chewy, and gourmet to gummy boogers.

They are hoping you enjoy exploring our brand-new, redesigned website. See how they simplified the whole experience of gratifying your sweet craving, from browsing to buying, in this short movie. Email or contact them for information on bulk and wholesale pricing.

Contact Info:

Phone: 310-343-4099


Address: 2520 Mira Mar Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815.

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