List Of Wholesale Pizza Dough Suppliers & Vendors

Freezing your pizza dough before or after the yeast causes it to rise, but it allows people to avoid time wastage and focus on producing pizza in mass production.

Therefore, there are many wholesale pizza dough suppliers below!

List Of Wholesale Pizza Dough Suppliers:

  • Tiseo’s Frozen Pizza Dough
  • New York Dough Co.
  • Piqua Pizza Supply, Inc.
  •  The Dough Co.
  • ProDough
  • Tubito’s Pizza
  • Gutten Plan

1. Tiseo’s Frozen Pizza Dough

Tiseo’s Frozen Pizza Dough was created by Louis Tiseo, in 1982 who is a self-made entrepreneur, who designed and improved our pizza dough. Product testing included storing the frozen pizza dough in a freezer for five years. 

Every year following that, part of the pizza dough was removed from the freezer and evaluated. Louis created a high-quality, pizzeria-style dough that is quick and simple to prepare. 

You can check the website below for their amazing rates on frozen pizza doughs!

Contact Info:

Phone: 248-759-5287


2. New York Dough Co.

New York Dough Co is a family owned and run business in Central New York. Over the years, they have developed a solid foundation based on our fundamental values, industry experience, and high-quality goods and services that clients rely on.

The foundation of New York Dough Co. is founded on the key principles of honesty, integrity, and dependability, and they endeavor to provide the greatest customer service, products, and corporate culture in the industry. 

Their extensive understanding of the frozen dough sector enables them to fine-tune business strategies, brand development, formulas, and operational elements to ensure the success of other’s companies.

Contact Info:

Phone: (315) 733-6844


Address: 900 Oswego St, Utica, NY 13502.

3. Piqua Pizza Supply, Inc.

Piqua Pizza Supply has been supplying consumers in Western Ohio with only the greatest quality pizza crusts, toppings, and restaurant food supplies since 1959. 

Piqua Pizza Supply began as Diana’s Pizza and has now evolved into a distributor of high-quality pizza crusts and culinary supplies. They are a well-known distributor of high-quality pizza crusts, toppings, and culinary goods. 

Furthermore, they strive to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining cheap pricing. They provide their consumers with the one pizza dough that does it all.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-521-4442

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1727 W. High St, Piqua, OH 45356.

4.  The Dough Co.

The Dough Co is a major maker of artisan frozen pizza dough in New England, with over 30 years of expertise in the wholesale pizza dough market. 

Their 7,000-square-foot facility is in the heart of central Maine and has blast-freezing technology for excellent pizza dough all year. They are the only factory manufacturing All-natural pizza dough! 

No chemical dough conditioners or preservatives are used. Second, they are one of the few remaining commercial producers that are only semi-automated. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 207-241-0344 or cell 207-576-1769


Address: 60 Holland St. Lewiston, ME 04240.

5. ProDough

Pro Dough began operations in 1988 when most pizza business owners mixed their dough. Untrained assistance is routinely used to make pizza dough, resulting in the inconsistently prepared dough with a relatively limited shelf life. 

ProDough Company was founded to supply pizza-making enterprises with preparatory solutions that free up important space, time, and money formerly spent on producing dough. 

ProDough Services enable restaurant owners to reallocate these resources toward prospects for expansion or to spend more time with their families. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 603-623-6844

Email: [email protected]


6. Tubito’s Pizza

Tubito’s Pizza is a quality frozen pizza wholesale company. Tubito’s Pizza has been an industry pioneer for over 15 years, proudly creating high-quality frozen cheese pizzas, par-baked pizza shells, dough balls, and flatbreads.

Tubito’s Pizza’s redistributor network covers the whole United States as well as significant distribution centers across the world. You can look below on their website to see their options!

Tubito’s Pizza staff in Ft. Lauderdale, FL take great delight in delivering the best quality goods for every loyal customer daily. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 954.537.4992


Address: 301 NE 36th St, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334.

7. Gutten Plan

Guttenplan is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of frozen dough products. Since 1908, when founder Jacob Guttenplan launched his first bakery, Guttenplan’s has built a reputation for excellence in products and service. 

They provide bakers and bakery departments with solutions such as high-quality raw dough created with the finest ingredients, individualized customer care, and a dedication to excellence.

Their cutting-edge, 80,000-square-foot production plant in Middletown, New Jersey, is less than 20 miles from the original Guttenplan’s Bakery. 

They have developed from a tiny family-owned retail bakery to one of the nation’s leading makers of frozen dough. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-422-4357 / 732-495-9480

Email: [email protected]


Address: 100 Highway 36, Middletown, NJ 07748.

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